Explore Communicative English Coursebook 1

৳ 360.00

Key Features :

● Learner friendly language and flexibility in teachers’ and task instructions to make learners more comfortable and relaxed.
● Examples of lexis and grammar items contextualised through text, and then applied to learner use outside the text.
● Materials reflecting the local, social and cultural aspects.
● Rich variety of reading texts with an interesting mix of works and themes from Bangladesh, India and world literature.
● Gradual progress from concept development to practical application through communication skills, leading towards exploring the higher order skills through projects.


Book Name Explore Communicative English Coursebook 1
Class One
Author Dr. Jayashree Mukherjee
Author Prof. Rituparna Mukherjee
Chief Editor Najmus Seher
Wahida Jafar
Designed By Md. Sohel Rana
Publisher BooksPeople Publishing
First Published October 2019
Revised Edition January 2023
ISBN  978-984-8081-64-8
MRP Taka  360
US $  5
Country Bangladesh
Language English


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